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A 23-year-old Male's perspective on wearing diapers and enjoying them. Follow this Crash Test Dummy through trials and tribulations for Advice on the what, who, when, where, and how of Diapers. This Blog is for the Incontinent and the lovers alike.

AB/DL Memes of my favorite— Francine!


Princess gets her dipey changed by Doctor Daddy. Enjoy!

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Slept in!

I was so exhausted and slept in so late that I woke up stinky and with a big wet leak circle in my bed. This is the first time that this has happened in years! .. Makes the extra work in the shower and the laundry worth it. 

Help! — Does anyone know what kind/brand diaper this is? And where to find them? 

Help! — Does anyone know what kind/brand diaper this is? And where to find them? 

Risky Business:

My opinion on Proper Diaper Lover Etiquette involving friends, family, forums, and all other bystanders. 

One of the most debated topics in most AB/DL forums is the rights and wrongs of exposing or use of diapers in public around friends and family. I believe that there is indeed a proper etiquette and a list of guidelines to this issue, but please remember that the information stated below is purely the opinion of one individual and should be expanded on to fit your own personal beliefs and morals. Please also note that this information is for those who wear and use Adult Diapers recreationally, and not for our fellow incontinent community. Lastly, lets always honestly stick by this motto.. If you aren’t hurting yourself or anyone else emotionally, physically, or financially and you aren’t breaking any laws or doing illegal things, then what’s the big deal? 

The adult baby and diaper lover corner of the internet can seem very black and white at times, with one half of our community striving to be overly politically correct to the point of being unable to have fun and the other being so explicit and inappropriate that it kills any fun that there may have been any way. In a lot of the well respected forums, most people are extremely strict with their Etiquette and views. And honestly, they have created some spots where it is actually safe for younger people, family members, and significant others to visit, ask questions, and gather the useful information and tools it takes to gain understanding and eventually cope and achieve acceptance with either themselves or the AB/DL in their lives. Highly notable for this is Adisc.org, of which i am a proud member. The only problem with this type of environment is the some side effects it has on newer or younger members of our community. When new threads go up about normal diaper related topics, such as the love of wetting and messing diapers or the plea for a “Mommy” or partner in their fetish, the members get flamed relentlessly and insulted. Although countless, very well written Articles have been posted on these forums, they are sometimes not spelling out well enough that it is normal to have these urges as a new member of our community. In my opinion, rather than crucify these inexperienced members, things should be explained in easier ways without a puritanical undertone. Because not only will that undertone begin to reassure a new member that they are “freak” all over again, but it will also effect others seeing it happen on the board. Some get frustrated and wonder why in a diaper lover forum, everyone gets angry when someone brings up diapers.

Of course, there are the down right inappropriate people on the other side that should probably know better, but who better to receive an updated set of guidelines? 

(Read on for Online Etiquette or skip down for wearing/using diapers Etiquette)

Becoming a better Member: Online Etiquette. 

Most of us yearn to be among others like us, and there is a perfect way to do so. I cannot give any advice on finding intimate relationships, caregivers, and sexual favors, but to be a part of a community whom shares the same interests and a place to make new friends, look no further than Adisc.org and DailyDiapers.com. Although there are many others, these are very popular and well respected forums which I can recommend to absolutely everyone. 

Step 1 - Names are important! - Upon registering, please do yourself a favor and Make a simple name that reflects on you. A nice quaint name with a friendly picture is what will make you very approachable. Many shoot themselves in the foot by registering as “poobabie67398” with a picture of two pale, hairy legs in a dirty diaper.. To become a respected and approachable member, you must at least seem like your mind has more than one track. 

Step 2 - BE HONEST - This is the absolute Cardinal rule. Put your real age, real sex, (i would strongly advise against putting any location), and put your REAL interests, along with a REAL bio of your AB/DL past. Keeping up with lies is impossible and the moment you are pinned as a liar you will lose most if not all friendships that are either in the process of being created or already standing. Think about it, if you are lying about your age, then what else could you be lying about? At the same time, make sure to conceal your true identity somewhat, but your age, sex, and bio are an absolute must. If you put your real interests (other than your fetish), you will make friends based upon those as well. Your bio might intrigue passerby’s that happen to see it. When posting, you CANNOT make up stories just to get reactions. Post any fantasies in any story section they may have or put them on your blog. Other members of the forum are counting on you to be truthful so they too can learn from your experiences and give you real feedback. Think about it, if you post some story about how your Mom changes your diapers just to get your rocks off, some younger member may take your bad example, tell his mother about his secrets, and ruin his life. Be mindful that in some forums, people are bringing outsiders in to help explain their lifestyles and interests. If you dilute the truthfulness of the data recorded within the forum, you could confuse many different types of visitors. 

Step 3 - Introduce Yourself - Every forum has a “Newbie” section. Go in and post a short autobiography about your AB/DL side and past. Proof read, use proper grammar and spelling, and break up your paragraphs every few lines to make it look neat and intelligent. Say something about your other interests, but be vague if you must mention your career. Be specific about your inner fetish interests, but refrain from being graphic and/or explicit. Make sure to sound polite and state what you hope to achieve by being a member. 

Step 4 - Be Relevant - No one likes a member that starts countless threads about nothing. If you want to post a ton of content about your day to day thoughts and activities, please only post them on your personal blog. If you have a question, search through the forum’s archive for the answer. in 9/10 instances, your question has been answered many times, in which you can gather a general consensus of your query. If you must ask, make sure it properly typed with good grammar and spelling. And in every instance, be mindful of others. Take all advice and criticism with a grain of salt, and ignore those whom only mean to complicate things further. In a perfect world, threads are only used for real discussions and topics within the community that haven’t yet or need to be discussed and/or debated by all. Also, in more of a recreational way, they can be used as a “would you ever”, “which would you rather”, or “If you could, would you” type of exercise. Remember to always search the Archive before putting up anything for fear of repeating a thread and make sure it is a GOOD, RELEVANT, WELL THOUGHT UP TOPIC. 

Step 5 - Be Polite and Respectful to others - The internet is full of dirty rotten trolls. Help make it a better place and always strive to be a respectful and polite member of the AB/DL community. 

Step 6 - Picture Perfect - If you are courageous, feel free to put up pictures of yourself. But never post graphic images. If you want to put pictures that include nudity, defecation, or anything sexually explicit, feel free to put them up on Tumblr.com, where people have a choice to filter exactly what they want to see. 

Step 7 - Don’t be bossy - When making friends, let a conversation go back and forth a few times before sending a friend request. Don’t be pushy when talking to people and be obvious that you are only there for friendly conversation and nothing else. Being too forward about anything else comes off as creepy and intrusive. When talking to someone, please ease into talking about diapers. Maybe start by asking what kind they use and if they could recommend a better brand than the diapers you currently use. And remember, always be personable and polite. 

Overall, just always remember that everyone is there for similar interests to your own. 

The following information is for those who wear and use diapers outside of the bedroom, the question is simple but the answer varies: Is it right or wrong?

Lets first dispel the big question. Referring to our motto, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing diapers if you want to. We are not hurting ourselves or anyone else except for diaper rash here and there, and in someways it is very mentally beneficial. Sure, diapers are expensive and they do hurt our wallet, but as long as you budget them accordingly to your financial situation, all is well. There is no law against wearing diapers as long as they are covered, just like any other underwear. So what’s the big deal? Obviously, they are apparently unacceptable by today’s social standards. Diapers are the one topic that everyone is still 5-years-old about, because they are designed to deal with the two other subjects that everyone is still 6-years-old about. They are feared on the butts of babies and terrify all in the pants and under the dresses of seniors’. People just won’t ever understand the desire to pee and poop in one’s pants and we as a community should be able to understand that. In school, no one likes to be around the kid in diapers, and it doesn’t change as we grow older. Honestly, although i understand why people think this way, I am sick of that outlook. But unfortunately, i do not fully buy into the comparison between 24/7 diaper lovers and transexuals. Although wearing diapers 24/7 is a lifestyle, I think that it isn’t necessarily eligible for the same acceptance by the masses as being a transexual is. Switching sexes (wether you want to or are righting a wrong) is a complete transformation and is very outward, but using Adult Diapers instead of the toilet is a private and personal subject. The same way we conceal our underwear, our bathroom habits, and attempt to be considerate about flatulence, should be the same way we conceal wearing diapers. How others think about it is out of our control. Understanding all of this, we live our private lives by exercising respect for others. The way I exercise this courtesy, while still enjoying my fetish, is by following these guidelines.

First, lets assess which group you are in. If you wear diapers occasionally, maybe one to two days a week for a little at a time, you are in Group One. This group is for those who enjoy diapers less often, but still like to be adventurous. If you’ll end up wearing diapers for 5 days one week, and then not at all the next week, you’ll be in Group Two. This group is for those who will have sprints of wearing diapers quite often without using the toilet, but then tend to slow down. If you steadily and consistently wear diapers and its rare that you use the toilet, then you are in Group 3. This last group is for those who wear 24/6 and the committed Diaper Lovers who wear 24/7. There are two popular and some what healthy schools of thought for our members of Group 3. First is that diapers are nothing more than a different form of underwear. This school believes that their parents made the call to toilet train them when they were too young to make the decision on their own. But now, it is their decision to continue toilet training or go back to diapers because of the ability to decide and care for themselves. Personally, I do take a few pages from their book, but not completely. The other School believes that if diapers make you happy 24/7, then wear them 24/7 and ignore what others think. Again, I take a few pages from them as well, but some members of that school of thought end up ruining relationships and other things in their day-to-day lives. Others can end up being too outward. 

Let’s go through some common situations. The bold text is an answer, but the rest is helpful tips and/or explanations.

I’m having some friends (or family/coworkers) to my place. Is it okay to wear a diaper?

Group 1: This is getting to be a brave move for you. Yes, wearing a diaper around your friends, family, or coworkers in your home is completely fine and safe. Be mindful to conceal them with a a pair of jeans and a plain undershirt Onesie or body stocking. To find one, visit XPmedical.com. If your diapers are crinkling, wear something noisy or dampen the sound by wearing a pair of adult plastic pants. Always remember that absolutely no one will assume or be checking to see if you are wearing a diaper, so act natural and calm. Since you are at your place, you have a perfect escape route out your diapers if you chicken out. Put hang in there, It gets easier!

Group 2: Yes of course it’s fine! You’ve done this before. Act natural, but don’t get cocky about it. Remember to watch how much you eat and drink and go easy on the baby powder. Don’t cut any corners. 

Group 3: Of course it’s fine, but holy shit.. people are going to your place? Alert! Make sure all of the dirty diapers from every pale or trash can or properly disposed of in black garbage bags in the outside trash. Make sure any laundry like wet bed sheets, mattress pads, bed pads, protective sheets, wet pants, dirty plastic pants, dirty cloth diapers if you use them, are all clean and stored away in a safe hiding place. Make sure all of your clean diapers are put away somewhere where no one will snoop and all powders, lotions, and supplies are hidden under the sink. Check all of your furniture for stains and do a total sweep of your home. Anything that might be found always has the possibility of being found. Those three diapers you still have in your diaper bag from today will be waiting for you in your bedroom incase you need them. 

We are still at my place, but it’s time for a pee. 

Group 1: Hold it right there. What type of diaper are you wearing? If it was cheap in the supermarket, be careful. If you ordered online and there are baby prints on it or the directions were in a different language proceed. For all you cheapskates, find a reason to stand up and get something. When you are up, gently let go of your bladder and try hard not to flood the diaper. If you feel drips down your leg, falsely answer your phone and go to your bedroom. If you are feeling brave, change into a fresh diaper, but we all understand if you don’t. Try your best to cover up whatever happened in your pants, because there is not changing out of them. That will surely invoke questions you don’t want to answer. Although it is certainly okay to wet your diapers while with others, be mindful of the possibilities of something going wrong. If the diaper did it’s job, depending on which brand, you may want to strongly consider heading to the bathroom to change before the next time you have to pee.

Group 2: Go ahead. Be mindful of which brand you are wearing and plan to change soon. Always remember not to be over confident in your choice of diapers. 

Group 3: Did I just pee? 

Uh Oh.. Time for a poop. (For group 3, Uh Oh.. I’m about to poop)

Group 1: Whoa! Not okay. You probably didn’t even wake up in diapers this morning. You had plenty of opportunities to use the bathroom like a big boy or girl all day. If you only invited this friend/coworker/family member over to get your rocks off by pooping your pants in front of them, then you yourself are a bad friend/coworker/family member. That is certainly not okay and an invasion of their personal preferences. Go to the bathroom, take off your diaper and use the toilet. Don’t even poop your diaper in the bathroom, because you don’t want now to be the time you need a shower, can’t properly clean up, don’t have the right supplies, or any of the other countless things that could go wrong. Also, that would take forever for someone who doesn’t do it every day! Get out there and be a good host. Exhibitionism breaks, if not harshly bends our motto. 

Group 2: Now is not the time. Go use the bathroom and change that diaper you wet a while ago. 

Group 3: Oh no. What am i going to do? This is a serious situation. You haven’t used the toilet in months and out of principle you don’t want to break the oath. Obviously, not okay to let it happen right here in the middle of things. It’s time to make your call. Using the toilet is always a safe option, and if you think about it, under the circumstances you had little choice and you were being courteous. But, why don’t you just take a phone call in the other room and do your business? Get as much out without taking to long and do one of those on-the-go lightning fast, yet affective dirty diaper changes you have been working on. You’ll be gone a while so after washing your hands, flush the toilet and apologize for being away. This is the life you chose, and it’s not like you haven’t pooped your pants everyday before that. 

It’s a different night now, and I’m heading to a friend/coworker/family member’s place to hangout. Is it okay to wear a diaper? 

Group 1: Of course this is okay, but are you sure you want to do that? If you do, this is very brave for you. Make sure it is known that don’t plan to stay too long. Conceal the diaper with your plastic pants and body stocking. Have an escape route and a reason to leave in case of an emergency. 

Group 2: Go right ahead, but you know what happens sooner or later. Be careful and always have a way out. Those fresh diapers in your car are farther away than you think. Don’t stay out to late.

Group 3: This is normal for you. You have your “bag” with you in your friend/coworker/family member’s place, along with all of your excuses for having one. If you don’t, it’s in your car, but either way you have those expensive german diapers on thickly and stuffed with a doubler or two. They know you won’t be hanging around too long because you never do and they also know you watch how much your drink. 

As expected, it’s time for a pee. 

Group 1: This is okay, but maybe you shouldn’t. If you leak, you are done for, and it will cut down your visit by a little. If you do, then you surely are a dare devil tonight! Don’t stay too long now, you may get a rash. 

Group 2: Fine! You saw this coming. Go ahead, but start preparing your excuse to run to the car in a little. 

Group 3: You feel a warmth which cause you to smile. 

Uh oh.. Time for a poop. 

Group 1: Don’t even consider it. Go to the bathroom, carefully slide your diaper down because you can’t throw it away in their bathroom, do your business, and then resume your visit.

Group 2: Game Over. Use their bathroom while salvaging your diaper. 

Group 3: Time to go home. If you can’t hold it and you are swearing by your oath, use your escape route and be on your way. If you can some how pull a “be right back” that is believable and not at all awkward, then get in your car/on your bike/walk down the street and do your business. Find a safe public bathroom to change and then have a believable story upon return. 

Okay. Now I am with a friend/coworkers/family member(s) and we are going to an open public place. (Sidewalk, Park, Mall, Concert, Beach, Etc.) Is it okay to wear a diaper?

Group 1: Yes! Have fun. These places are as much their’s as they are yours. Just remember to always have an escape route and a plan. Make sure your diapers are concealed as always.

Group 2: Of course! You do this all of the time, and it’s easier to have a bag along with me. 

Group 3: Duh. 

But now it’s time for a Pee. 

Group 1: This is completely okay. Go ahead and make sure you start planning for a change. 

Group 2: Didn’t have to think. Just went.

Group 3: These are the times you start to worry as you realize your diaper is wet and fail to remember when it happened. 

Poop time..

Group 1: Your call. You probably shouldn’t, but If the day is coming to a close or if you have an excuse, break off early and use your diaper. If not, find a toilet and make sure not to rip the tapes.

Group 2: Your call. You can always leave the group and use your diaper on the way for a change if there aren’t too many people around. 

Group 3: I guess It’s about that time, but be polite and break away from the group. Use your diaper, change, and then resume your outing. 

Now we are going to a closed public place (Restaurant, small store, Bar, etc.) Is it okay to wear a diaper?

Group 1: Of course its fine. Conceal it properly and be prepared with your supplies and escape routes.

Group 2: Go right ahead, but remember it is more difficult to break away in some ways. 

Group 3: You wouldn’t do it any differently.

Time for a pee.

Group 1: This is okay, but you have to be careful. You’ll need a change soon and it’s harder to get away. Any leaks will be a major problem so hopefully you came prepared.

Group 2: Go ahead, but start preparing for your change.

Group 3: Was it?

Time for a poop. 

Group 1: Don’t even think about it. People will smell it and that’s not okay. You won’t be able to properly change, so go use the toilet. You had plenty of time earlier in the day to use the bathroom, don’t be a creep. 

Group 2: Nope. Unless you want to go home early like group 3, then go use the bathroom.

Group 3: Unfortunately, it’s time to go home. Unless you can swindle a return without tons of fear and wonder, then poop your diaper on the way home. It’s the price you pay to play. 

Okay, I’m out in public by myself now. I know it’s okay to wear a diaper as long as it’s concealed, but when I got to the supermarket/store/bar/restaurant/etc. there people around. (Waiting in a line, people next to you at the bar, dealing with a waiter or waitress, tables around yours)

I have to pee.

Group 1: Go right ahead. Since you are by yourself, change your diaper in the bathroom before you leave if necessary. Pee isn’t all that potent too often. Just make sure not to be obvious or make a spectacle out of it. 

Group 2: No worries. Just always be mindful and respectful of others.

Group 3: Hm?

I have to poop. 

Group 1: Stop right there. You had a chance to use the toilet earlier today.. I’m going to have to say no to this, because it would be more understandable if you always wore diapers and just didn’t happen to go yet that day. But going out into public around people to poop yourself is wrong and it’s the act of forcing your fetish on others.

Group 2: You know what your up to. It’s your call. If your situation clears you an easy path to get changed and others won’t be forced to smell your dirty diaper, then go right ahead.

Group 3: This is part of you life, but you need to be respectful about it. You always come prepared for this situation and you’ve handled it before. I’d say you get up and leave, but if you have a plan that doesn’t involve forcing your fetish on others, then do it. You wear diapers and what are diapers for? 

It’s a new day and I’m wearing a diaper to the Park/Mall/Beach/etc. Not too many people around and I’m outside.

Pee time.

Group 1: Go right ahead!

Group 2: Not a second thought.

Group 3: <insert joke here>

Poop time.

Group 1: For once, you are clear. You are outside and on your own. Make sure to have your diaper change plan ready though. 

Group 2: Off you go!

Group 3: It’s like being at home. 

Okay, just to highlight a special case for all three groups. I’m on the bus in the city and it’s taking forever. It’s kind of crowded, but I’m dying here! I’m wearing a diaper, but this would be happening any way!

For pee:

For all three groups, you should not strain yourself to hold your bladder when wearing a diaper. If you are about to have a real accident, there is no point in being polite. Wet your diaper, because it would have been your pants any way.

For poop:

Same deal here. If you are about to poop your pants and are having a real accident, then be thankful you are wearing a diaper and use it. You would offend other people’s noses any way if it was in your pants. But this is really only for those TRUE instances. 

Another one, I’m on a plane and I’m dying for a poop. I have a diaper on and I’m sick of getting up.

I know I don’t have to speak for the first two groups, but even for group three, you should get up and use the toilet. Not only would that be extremely inappropriate to others around you, but it would be very difficult and suspicious to change a dirty diaper in an airplane bathroom. 

For all other instances, these are broad enough to mold and apply. Again, like i’ve stated before, used your own personal judgment for all of them. What’s acceptable for some may not be for others, and what’s too strict for other may not be too strict for some. Just always remember to be prepared in all ways and refer to our motto. 

Lastly, I want to touch on exposing your diaper. The desire to this is very much the desires of an Exhibitionist. Although I don’t having anything against that fetish, I do believe in and try to practice respect for others. Reading around the web, I think the only way to pull it off safely and respectfully is to either let it crinkle loudly in public, or without letting any of it show, go around with tight clothing. This way, you will still be concealing it, just poor enough that it looks like an accident. Be kind to others. Would you want your kid seeing some man parading around with his diapered ass hanging out? I don’t think so. It has been widely debated that showing up to a massage therapist in a diaper can be acceptable. It’s been pulled off before, and although they keep their mouth’s shut to preserve their professionalism, why would you want to put someone through that? Also, if you tell your doctor truthfully you have decided to wear diapers recreationally, he or she will obviously expect to see you wearing a diaper during a physical. They may try to send you to a therapist, but they won’t waste their time trying to medically treat you. But that in itself is a risk and try to remember that your doctor is still a human being. 

In conclusion, I think that these guide lines will give members in our community a chance to have fun while still being respectful and appropriate. Like i’ve stated before, these are simply my beliefs on what I think is right, and should be altered in any way to fit the personal preferences of those who take this information. I wish everyone a nice diapered day and the best of luck!

:) Jack